Delivering goods to Maale Adumim

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This week, Knesset member Lia Shemtov came to visit the “Amal Jerusalem” nursing hospital. Accompanying her were representatives from the non-profit organization, “Helping Hand Coalition” who donated 10,000 disposable convenience briefs for adults.
On Tuesday morning Knesset member Lia Shemtov, Welfare committee member and supporter of Holocaust Survivors, paid a visit to the “Amal Jerusalem” nursing hospital, accompanied by representatives of the Helping Hand Coalition,  who brought 10,000 disposable adult absorbent briefs to Amal Ma’ale Adumim.
The Helping Hand Coalition’s activities focus on helping Holocaust survivors, single mothers and individuals and families in need. Disposable diapers are considered one of the most expensive products for a consumer, therefore this large donation is extremely helpful. Such goods were delivered to Israel by NMV Transport Holland and donated by the World Jewish Relief Organization.
The purpose of the meeting held Tuesday morning, was to give the Helping Hand Coalition the opportunity to present themselves and their donation to “Amal Adumim,” and for the hospital’s administrational office to have an opportunity to thank the Helping Hand for its generosity.
Deputy Mayor Boris Grossman, who played a role in connecting the Helping Hand Coalition to the “Amal Adumim”, attended this meeting as well.
A few months ago, we published an article on the Helping Hand Coalition’s kind warm heart and contribution to the community, as they delivered 1,200 bags of dry soup. Deputy Mayor Grossman handed the goods over for distribution to the city’s Elderly Seniors Club. This time the Coalition sent an enormous amount of diapers (19 pallets).
Grossman tells us, at first he turned to the Welfare Department in order to receive names of the elderly seniors and people in nursing homes who are in need of incontinence briefs. He added, “Because of the generous and extremely large donation, I thought the best and most suitable place to donate these disposable briefs would be the geriatric hospital”.
The director of Amal hospital Sima and the head nurse of the hospital Rinat both said the donation is very helpful, and everyday they use about 300 disposable briefs. At times, citizens in need of disposable diapers approach them, and receive help in this area from the hospital.
“There have been incidences, for example, on the weekends, while the pharmacies are closed, while the residents of nursing homes find themselves without any disposable diapers, or diabetics without any insulin, they come to us and we help of course”. Sima and Rinat also say, “There are other families in need who come and ask for help with supplying disposable briefs, so with this generous donation we are able to bless others as well.”
Rinat tells us, “A few hours before the meeting on Tuesday, an individual came to ask for disposable diapers for his mother.” Rinat found interest in the particular man. She asked him what he does for a living. The man replied he used to take care of a patient with muscular dystrophy, and that currently he is unemployed. After hearing this man’s story, Rinat offered him a position as a nurse at the hospital. “He left with diapers and a job,” she said with a smile. All the people present in the room were very moved by this story.  
Grossman shared about his work with Klita and Aliya at the meeting and shared the numbers of the new immigrants who live in Ma’ale Adumim. He also stated that the new Ethiopian Absorption comes down to 440 families. The Helping Hand Coalition members were impressed with these large numbers and announced that in the near future they will assist Grossman by providing new and warm winter jackets for those new immigrants. Grossman thanked Knesset Member, Lia Shemtov and the Helping Hand Coalition members, for their cooperation, for all their support and for always reaching out a Helping Hand. 
The meeting was warmhearted and very pleasant. They discussed many topics, as they enjoyed fellowship around refreshments and the Holiday season’s donuts, of course.
Written by: Dalit Mor

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