Delivery of goods in Maale Adumim

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The Evangelical Christians for the Holocaust Survivors and the Elderly Seniors

During the holiday season of Chanukah, senior citizens and Holocaust Survivors from Ma’ale Adumim received a tremendous donation of over 9,000 convenience briefs for the elderly.

As a light of hope to the Holocaust survivors, the Christian Evangelistic organization, Helping Hand Coalition, continues to cooperate with Ma’ale Adumim during the up-coming holiday of Chanukah and donates thousands of absorbent products for the elderly, refugees and Holocaust survivors. This week a meeting took place between the executive members of the Helping Hand Coalition, accompanied by Knesset member Lia Shemtov (Israel Beytenu), Deputy Mayor Boris Grossman and the management staff of the “Amal” Nursing Hospital, which received the donation.
At this exciting meeting, Helping Hand Coalition Chairman Andre Gasiorowski stated that a great and special bond has been created between the organization and the city of Ma’ale Adumim, and that there are constant reviews of how to grant further donations. This donation was a part of cooperation between Helping Hand Coalition with organizations such as NMV Transport Holland and World Jewish Relief Organization as a sponsor.
“We have an obligation to help those whose hands have not been reached yet, and the season of Chanukah has a great opportunity to spread the light to the Holocaust Survivors and the Elderly”.
Grossman, who is in daily contact with one of Helping Hand’s project managers Rita Tager, mentioned that only a few months ago dozens of kilograms of soup were donated by the Helping Hand Coalition.

“A fascinating donating ‘triangle’ organization has been created between them, including a very social Knesset member who contributes to society. This current donation will be distributed to a hostel, ‘Yad Sarah’ and to Ultra-Orthodox Jewish organization – ‘Habad’.  The Helping Hand Coalition has already donated a container with thousands of adult convenience briefs, bed coverings and other hygiene products for the elderly. Usually, it is not customary to speak about these topics, though these products are extremely expensive for the consumers and most of these poor sick elders have a hard time purchasing these products; therefore it is important to raise this topic. “ 
Knesset Member Lia Shemtov stated during her visit to the city that Evangelical Christians are “True Friends” of the State of Israel. She adds that their many operations were acknowledged, cherished and gained recognition at a conference, which took place at the Israeli Knesset just a few weeks ago.
“Because there are so many social purposes and goals, each one of the hundreds of organizations in Israel chose to specify and target a number of cities. I have no doubts that the Helping Hand Coalition will continue to find donors from abroad who will be willing to help and donate to Ma’ale Adumim”.

The management team of “Amal” sees this generous jester by Knesset member Shemtov and the Helping Hand as a primary social action.
“This is our first cooperation with them, and we see it as a pipeline towards working with other welfare organizations” says Sima Yefet, Hospital Director, and says its not only about the worth of this huge donation, it’s the thought and consideration of these sick and nursing elders who are in need. “The highest of interests in mind were the sick and elderly, and this is noteworthy,” concluded Sima Yefet.

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