TOS: The UN Prayer Watch for Israel and the Nations


The UN Prayer Watch for Israel and the Nations

– Continuous Prayer for Israel and the Nations at a strategic location!
Dear friends!
The door has opened for us since April 1st to have a continuous prayer representation for Jerusalem, Israel, America and the Nations in New York just across the street from the UN Headquarters. Sanctified and committed teams of intercessors from the States, Germany and other nations will come here to stand like Moses day and night to raise their hands in prayer and intercession on behalf of Israel.

In order to accomplish this great project of faith, we need your prayers and spiritual support. Become a partner in this vision by supporting us with your regular monthly donation. Also, any one-time donation is very much appreciated to cover the initial costs of the ministry. Please fill out the donation form below and click the submit button to receive the payment information.

The most important support, however, are your prayers and your standing with us. If you would like us to add you to our contact and mailing list to keep you up to date with what is happening at the UN Prayer Watch you may fill out the form below. Prayer is the greatest power on earth.

With sincere blessings and greetings!

Jobst Bittner
Senior Pastor TOS Ministries

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