The story of „Glaubenszentrum“

The story of „Glaubenszentrum“ („Faithcenter“)
At the same time when 1948 Israel became a state for the Jewish people again, some Christians in the States saw the need of an international training centre for Christians. Some years later “Christ for the Nations International” opened in Dallas/Texas. In its roots at the very beginning, there was love and support for Israel.

Naturally its branch in Germany, “Glaubenszentrum”, starting 1975, carried this seed, too. Since these early days until now, there has been prayer for Israel, for “the Peace of Jerusalem”, once a week. 1987 we could purchase a big facility in the city of Bad Gandersheim, a small town south of Hannover. This complex was built by Hitler in 1936 as a training school for the NSKK, the National SocialistMotor (Drivers) Corps of the “Sturmabteilung” SA. Until 1945 it was a facility of demonstration and was often visited by NSDAP-politicians. After WW II it became a training place for customs officers.

Since 1987 we had quite some conferences about “Israel, and her place in God’s word and heart.” Since 1995 we organize an annual tour to Israel. Many, many young students, many Germans took part until now and received a special love for the beautiful country, the city of Jerusalem and the people of Israel. We do not come just as pilgrims, but as friends. We come to pray, to worship God, to bring love, respect and comfort, wherever there is an opportunity, even during Intifada times.
Since 1995, I also have the privilege to teach our students every year on the subject of “Israel.” It is very important to bring biblical truth to a young German generation and train them not to trust in our media, but in the God of Israel and His revealed word, to become friends, like “Rut” had been to “Noomi”.
We have times of prayer about Israel with the whole school–about 200 students and staff–and hold seminars about Israel during all our conferences. In our Kindergarten we teach our young children, to love and pray for Israel. It is heart warming to watch them praying devotedly. Our Kindergarten leader published a book for children workers, how to fill a whole week about the theme of Israel. She received this call in the “Childrens Memorial” in Yad VaShem: “Teach the little children, that they will not forget to stand with Israel.”

We also produced a DVD on one of our tours. We sent money for re-foresting the Carmel mountain, for a home for elderly Holocaust survivors in Haifa, and paid for two concrete shelters in a schoolyard in Ashkelon.
Praise to our God who is able to turn evil to good! The place, where once hatred and destruction raged, this very place, by God’s sovereign will and grace, is turned into a continuing blessing to His firstborn, His apple of His eye, His people of ISRAEL! We are very grateful for God’s redeeming power! He never slumbers nor sleeps and He watches over Israel. He places watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem to give Him no rest until His people Israel have fully become what He desires them to be, until her light shines bright and Jerusalem is His praise in the whole earth.


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