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Honoring the Elderly in the Knesset

November 14th, 2017Helping Hand Coalition for Israel (עמותת יד לעזרה ישראל) was in the Knesset  on Monday, November 13th, celebrating the month for the elderly with Holocaust survivors, WWII veterans, Knesset Deputy Speakers Tali Ploskov and Nachman Shai, Knesset members Dov Khenin and Eli Alaluf, and many others.

The event took place in the Auditorium Hall of the Knesset and was jointly organized by the Movement For the Worthy Future and Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum with cooperation of Knesset Deputy Speaker Tali Ploskov. Present at the event were 400 representatives of the movement from over 40 cities in Israel, under the umbrella of Hazit haKavod organization (with Yehuda Davidov as its Director-General) and its 250 partner organizations in Israel, which represent the majority of one million senior Israeli citizens – Holocaust survivors, WWII veterans and other elderly immigrants from the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and other former states of the USSR. Dr. Andre Gasiorowski is an Honorary President of Hazit haKavod, and Helping Hand Coalition is actively supporting financially Hazit Hakavod activities during last years.

Deputy Speaker of Knesset Tali Ploskov explained financial politics and latest activities of the State of Israel to support people in need, answered questions of leaders of the Movement For the Worthy Future, presenting state policy for next years to come to face all existing social problems. Other speakers on these issues represented Ministry of Finance, Ministry for Social Equality, and Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, as well as parliament lobby supporting projects for Senior Citizens in Israel.

Nineteen most active leaders of Hazit haKavod were presented with awards by the Knesset for their tireless work on behalf of the elderly. Most of these leaders are elderly as well, and gone through all the horrors of WWII, and yet they still dedicate their time to help others in difficult times, bring joy into the lives of the lonely elderly and help in solving their bureaucratic challenges.

A great highlight of this event was Helping Hand Coalition being appreciated, thanked and honored for 10 years of effective and much needed humanitarian relief and social support to the elderly of Israel – by the Deputy Speakers of Knesset and leaders of all organizations attending this event. Its activities were termed outstanding during the last 10 years of existence. The Chairman of Helping Hand Coalition Andre Gasiorowski presented plans for 2018 – introducing March of the Nations global event in support of 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel. March of the Nations will take place in May 2018 and is being organized by March of the Life (Germany) and Helping Hand Coalition in partnership with Israeli State.

Everyone present at the event was also presented with the maiden issue of the Bulletin for the Elderly. Tali Ploskov decided to start publishing the Bulletin on her own initiative because of multitude of questions she receives from the Russian-speaking elderly concerning their rights and benefits. The bulletin will bring to the elderly the most important news about changes in Israeli social system and their benefits.

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