Preparing for Eye and Mobility Clinic

January 21st, 2018 – Amazing! In preparation for a week long wheelchair/walker/eye glasses clinic, the leadership of Victims of the Holocaust organization joined forces with Helping Hand Coalition for Israel, Joseph Project and GAiN USA, and helped unloading the large numbers of wheelchairs and medical equipment required for the upcoming clinic that started on January 14th. Without their practical help and support, the logistics required would have taken twice or thrice more time than it did. The elderly were very excited to help set up the clinic and bring the walkers and equipment in the main room and were a practical blessing to all of us.

It took tremendous effort on the part of several elderly centers to organize, coordinate and bring in the elderly from all over Haifa, most of them with limited mobility, and to make sure people were scheduled to come throughout the day so that no one would have to wait long hours  – and majority of the elderly needed both glasses and mobility devices.

The Russian-language news portal featured a detailed article about the clinic, giving ample space and deserved praise to the above-mentioned local organizations for helping to organize the event. The editor of the portal thanked Helping Hand Coalition for Israel and GAiN USA for bringing so many professional ophthalmologists and orthopedic doctors to volunteer for the Holocaust survivors and other elderly in Haifa and for giving close attention to the needs of every one of them, with priority to those who could not even leave their homes. The article thanked the translators and volunteers from local elderly organizations who each played their part to make sure that maximum number of the elderly received attention every day.

Hundreds of Holocaust survivors are registered with the Victims of the Holocaust organization, with more being added on a daily basis.

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