“I Can Smile Now!”

March 13th, 2018 – Elderly people have many needs, both physical and emotional. Their inability to take care of many of those needs for various reasons leaves them feeling lonely and forsaken. As their health declines, dental issues often become a major area of concern. Helping Hand Coalition for Israel (עמותת יד לעזרה ישראל) and its partner Jewish Voice International Ministries saw the need and stepped in to help.

The Dental Treatment project that fully took off about 2 years ago helps Holocaust survivors receive quality dental treatment that they otherwise would not be able to afford. About 100 elderly survivors received the treatment so far, in Netanya, Hadera, Or Akiva and Pardes Hana, and we are looking for more cities to help the survivors who have this need.

Here is what some of them are saying:


Ernest: “The dentist did a great good job on my teeth and I can now eat normally! I can also smile! The esthetic side of the treatment is also very important. Thank you dear, sponsors, for the materials and the treatment and the help! thank you to Jewish Voice, Helping Hand Coalition, Yehuda Davidov, Luke Gasiorowski and Marina Torubanov for helping me and for understanding what the elderly people need!”.


Sarah: “I want to express my gratitude to Jewish Voice and Helping Hand Coalition for the help they gave me as a Holocaust survivor in doing dental work. Thank you for the finances for making this possible to happen. Dental work is very important because teeth affect a person’s face. I thank Dr. Inna (dentist) for her patience and understanding and for her professionalism.

Now I can smile freely. My face has changed and I look much better! I have no problems eating any more. I am very happy! Tremendous thanks to the sponsors who help the elderly in Israel! I am a former ghetto prisoner, and I very much value and appreciate the help given to me!”.


Asfir: “I am extremely happy with the dental work that the dear doctor/dentist did on my teeth! Before I started this treatment I had only one tooth left in my mouth. I could not eat. I was embarrassed to smile and it was even difficult to talk. I am so appreciative for the sponsors Jewish Voice for the donation to enable me to make this treatment and everyone at Helping Hand Coalition for helping me in Israel to get through the treatments including appointments with the doctor. May you be blessed in return!”

Luke G

Vice-President of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel Luke Gasiorowski: “The dental treatment program is extremely important for the Holocaust survivors as dental care in Israel is already very expensive for the public and basically impossible for the elderly to acquire as they live under the poverty line. The generous donations that Jewish Voice Ministries International and its donors provide allow the Holocaust survivors in Israel to get treated, restoring joy and hope to their hearts as the dental treatments enable them to eat, smile and speak normally after getting treated (many of them have little to no teeth at the start of the treatments).

In addition to the basic humanitarian side of this project, the Helping Hand Coalition team operating in the field is able to develop relationships with these elderly patients, as throughout the treatments our staff is required to coordinate appointments, help them through the process, be present during certain appointments, and basically function as a hearing sympathetic ear and friend. This results in discovering additional problems these dear elderly suffer from and new ways for us to be able to reach out to them and help them. This is an additional added value to the project that is equally as important as the dental care that they receive.

Thank you, Jewish Voice Ministries International, and all your generous donors for continuing to support the Holocaust survivors in Israel through this dental project and allowing the elderly to live their last moments on this planet in dignity, with love and hope.”