Marking Holocaust Remembrance Day in Ashdod

April 14th, 2018 – Many people gathered for a meeting to remember the six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust during WWII. The meeting in Ashdod, a city in the south of Israel with a large population of Holocaust survivors, was organized by the Zikaron Foundation and led by its Chairman Aron Molotkovsky. The place was chosen to be at the cemetery where the survivors who immigrated to Israel after the war and later died are buried.

Survivors, their families and representatives of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel (עמותת יד לעזרה ישראל) together with many others came to honor those who perished at the hand of the Nazis in the concentration camps and millions of others of every nation who were killed in action fighting for freedom from this unspeakable evil. But yearly remembrance of the Holocaust in Israel goes beyond memories and grief. It also comes with passing the memories to the younger generation and with determination to do everything so that this will not be repeated in the future.

The day also honors the Holocaust survivors, whose number is growing less with each passing year. When Helping Hand Coalition started working with Zicaron Foundation 10 years ago, the organization had 600 members; today they have less than 300. As we remember and honor those who died, we also celebrate and honor those who live.