A Special Shalom House…

April 26th, 2018 – You might have noticed that most of our Facebook posts about Shalom Houses begin with a phrase “A special Shalom House took place”… And really, each Shalom House meeting is special for several reasons. First of all, it’s because the survivors are pretty special and amazing people. Secondly, it’s very special to serve them. Third, we have special people called volunteers who do special things from all their heart because they love the survivors….

And so, a special Shalom House meeting happened today at the March of Life House for 20 Holocaust Survivors from Netanya. A group of 9 volunteers from United States, from “I Care” organization prepared a delicious lunch for the survivors. They also handed out hand-made blankets to each of them. The survivors were very touched when they heard that a 92 year-old woman from United States made and sent the blankets.

Also, a young German lady from the March of Life Movement, whose great grandparents took part in World War II, said it was a privilege for her to serve Israelis with multiple disabilities for the past 7 months in Aleh Negev.

While a musician was playing the accordion and the group was enjoying some ice cream, a survivor read a poem she has written and presented a flag of Israel to the representatives of the March of Life in Israel. In the poem she expressed her gratitude to the International organization for their friendship and for standing with Israel.