Support Rallies in Israel and around the world

In anticipation of Israel’s 70th-anniversary celebrations, dozens of parades will be held in the US, Europe, and Latin America. • The climax will be held in Jerusalem on May 15

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Dozens of support rallies in Israel on the occasion of Israel’s 70th Independence Day will be held around the world.
The march is organized by March of Life, an organization of third-generation Nazi descendants who wish to commemorate the Holocaust and fight anti-Semitism, and will be held in 35 cities in Europe, the United States and Latin America. The International Parade will be held on May 15, Israel’s International Independence Day.
The marches began this week with a march that began in the city of Konstanz, Germany, and ended in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, with 600 people, including the founder of March of Life, Jobst Bitner, Holocaust survivor Margot Vicki-Schwarzschild and members of the city council. March’s Life founder, Jobs Bitner, said: “We established the organization to commemorate the Holocaust, fight anti-Semitism and support Israel, and unfortunately, to this day anti-Semitism has not disappeared, and it continues to raise its head. The 70th Independence Day, we will unite the marches for a huge march in Jerusalem in order to support Israel. “
In addition, the events that will take place in Israel will include meetings of survivors of the Holocaust with the descendants of the Nazis, a meeting of German, Polish and Israeli youth at Yad Vashem and the torch-lighting ceremony for International Independence Day at the Sultan’s Pool.
The other cities will be held in the following cities: Baia Mare (Romania), Zurich, St. Gallus Davos, Basel, Bern, Geneva, Fayne (Switzerland), Heidelberg, Leipzig, Anberg Buchholz, Altenberg, Halle, Stuttgart, Berlin, (United States), Bogota (Colombia), Lima (Peru), Santo (United States), Panama City Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Guayaquil (Ecuador).
The organization was established in 2007 on the initiative of Jobst Bitner, son of the Wehrmacht soldier, in order to break the conspiracy of silence around the Holocaust and fight anti-Semitism. In the organization of young members of the Wehrmacht and the SS, who seek to atone for the injustices of the past and to prevent further harm to the Jewish people.

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