What is Happening Here is Very Important

October 19th, 2018 – 12 Holocaust survivors from Netanya and one from Haifa came to the March of Life Villa for a special Shalom House gathering.
Several volunteers from Germany came together to serve in the Shalom House. It was an enjoyable occasion to prepare and to taste Latino food, specially the Cuban rice.

After great lunch, the volunteers and survivors shared their stories. We had one particular survivor who came especially to hear about the March of Life. He was in Auschwitz concentration camp and lost all his family there. He went to Bolivia after the Holocaust and started a family in La Paz. He is 92 years old now and immigrated to Israel 10 years ago.

Seeing the volunteers sharing their family stories and asking for forgiveness brought many tears to the eyes of most of the people who were in the Shalom House. One particular couple was very quiet after hearing the stories, but before they left the villa, they said, “Please, continue to do these meetings. Do not stop. What is happening here is very important.”