Going to Germany, Anyone?

October 31st, 2018 – We invited 4 Holocaust Survivors from Hadera to enjoy a special Shalom House in the March of Life Villa in Caesarea. We all enjoyed preparing our own food in the small Raclette Grill (a Swiss dish), sharing personal stories while waiting for the food to get ready in front of our eyes.

Suddenly one of the survivors, whom we have known for a long time, revealed to us that he was in a Ghetto in Ukraine. We were surprised to hear about it, but at the same time very grateful that he decided to open up and share his story with us.

While we were enjoying our delicious lunch, the same survivor said that one day we could travel together to Germany. Another one, who is 92 years old and was in the Minsk Ghetto during World War II, promised to join us on the trip if he’d be in a condition to travel.

For us, it will be a privilege to do that, and we are already thinking how to fulfill their desires!