An Interesting Story

October 24th, 2018 – Eight Holocaust survivors from a hostel for the elderly in Hadera visited the March of Life Villa in Caesarea. It was a delicious time with fruit, chocolate and cakes, and freshly brewed tea and coffee. The survivors talked about themselves, telling how many of them were able to flee when World War II began with the Soviet Union. But some of them could not escape and spent agonizing months and years in ghettos.

One survivor told an interesting story of her last visit to Germany. She was invited to a Jewish retirement home there and was able to tell first-hand how she lives in Israel. She also told the people there about the Shalom Houses that we have in Caesarea. The inhabitants of this Jewish retirement home were visibly moved, with tears in their eyes.

The Holocaust survivors invited us to visit their hostel in Hadera, which will soon be celebrating its 15th anniversary.