Scooper: Poland-Israeli Relations

ישראל ופולין חייבות להתגבר על המשקעים ולהסתכל קדימה – אומר אנדרי קושורובסקי לקראת סדנה לשיפור יחסי המדינות

“ישראל ופולין מעוניינות וחייבות להתגבר על אי ההבנות להגיע להסכמות ולשדרג את היחסים הדיפלומטיים ביניהם. אין זה הזמן לריב ומחלוקת בין המדינות” – כך אומר ד”ר אנדרי גושורובסקי, יו”ר הפורום העולמי של עמותת יד לעזרה לישראל, לקראת סדנת שולחן עגול בנושא שיפור היחסים בין פולין וישראל שתתקיים היום, ב’, 1 ביולי במרכז דניאל אברהם לדיאלוג אסטרטגי במכללה האקדמית נתניה.

Israel and Poland must overcome precipitation and look ahead – says Andre Gasiorowski ahead of a state relations workshop

“Israel and Poland are interested in and must overcome the misunderstandings to reach agreements and upgrade their diplomatic relations. This is not the time for quarrels and disputes between the countries,” says Dr.Andre Gasiorowski, chairman of the World Forum for Helping Hand Coalition Israel, for a round table workshop on the topic. Improving relations between Poland and Israel on Monday, July 1 at the Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue at Netanya Academic College.

The first roundtable workshop on improving relations between Poland and Israel will be attended by senior academics and government from Israel and Poland. The meeting aims to ensure positive and fruitful relations between Poland and Israel after decades of excellent strategic, economic and diplomatic relations between the countries.

Leading experts and civil society representatives will participate in the workshop, some of whom have close ties with the governments. The workshop will discuss the relevant challenges and solutions, brainstorming ahead of an international conference on Israel-Poland relations that will take place immediately following the upcoming elections in Israel and Poland.

Participants in the conference are Prof. Daniel Baltman, Department of Jewish History and Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Colonel (ret.) Yuval Bezeq, former military attaché to Poland, Dr. Emanuel Navon, International Relations Specialist, Tel Aviv University and Herzliya Center for Herzliya, Dr.Andre Gasiorowski, Chairman of the World Forum of Yad Aid for Israel, Akiva Thor, Foreign Ministry.

Dr.Gasiorowski emphasized that the issue of Jewish-Polish relations is sensitive and arguable not only among us, but also among the Poles and has often caused controversy and misunderstandings and disagreements. He must remember that there were indeed many Poles who cooperated with the Germans and even murdered Jews themselves, together However, it should be made clear that Poland was also a victim of the Nazis and the occupation of Poland by the Nazis was particularly cruel to the Poles as well, including murder and forced labor, and that along with the three million Polish Jews exterminated by the Nazis, three million Poles were also killed and killed. Christians.

Dr.Gasiorowski, who initiated and operates Helping Hand Coalition Israel, which helps tens of thousands of survivors of the Holocaust in Israel, emphasizes that it is worth remembering that 7,000 Poles rescued Jews – the largest group of Righteous Among the Nations that the Polish government is very proud of. There will be an error and cry for generations to be drawn back into the past instead of looking forward to the future and the horizon of diplomatic relations and striking relations is important in all areas between two friendly states – Israel and Poland.


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