Summer giving for lonely Holocaust Survivors.

Dear partners & donors,

As the summer heat arrives, we at Helping Hand Coalition in Israel are continuing  to serve and bless the Holocaust survivors who struggle in their elderly age with their most challenging difficulty yet, one that most deeply affects their lives above all else: LONELINESS

Fortunately, this is a fight that we help with by providing numerous weekly gatherings, music events, art exhibitions, seminars, health & wellness retreats, dinners & Kabbalat Shabbats​, trips and so many more. During these past 6 months our team has been successfully and personally engaging nearly 1,500 Holocaust survivors just at the Caesarea villas through such gatherings, meetings and encounters bringing them love, joy and hope. For many of them, these are their last and final memories of their lives.

Before you leave for summer break these coming months, would you consider helping by making a financial donation that would enable us to continue engaging these precious people?

We are campaigning to raise $30,000 to continue funding the SHALOM HOUSE project which provides food, buses and special outings for Holocaust survivor in Israel. Through these gatherings, we are able to build personal relationships with them, discover and meet their individual needs, and to positively impact their last days. We’d like to ask you to join us by making a monthly contribution of $50, $100, or even $500 to make a great influence in their lives.

Regular activities and visits with Holocaust survivors.

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