Blessed by Gift Cards for Holiday Shopping

September 24th, 2019 – Over 70 WWII Ghetto Survivors and Victims of the Holocaust from Southern Israel cities of Sderot and Ofakim have received financial aid through the GAiN Sponsorship Program, so they can go grocery shopping right before the Jewish New year and the upcoming Holiday Feast of Sukkhot. Close to 100 WWII Refugees from Netanya also received financial help in the form of gift grocery cards.

The elderly are so appreciative of the support they receive, especially while still facing the constant threats of rocket launches from Gaza in the South of the country. One of the survivor that received help today, Yelena Buchman, is still shaken, recounting the story of a rocket destroying her home last May. It was for her a terrorizing experience and she said it feels so special getting support from others, especially from our German friends.

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