November 13th Shalom House – Reconciliation Through Music

On November 13th, as rockets were still being fired into Israel from Gaza, thirty survivors from Pardes Hana and Katzir arrived at the Caesarea Villa for a Shalom House event unlike any other. After studying opera in Germany, Carol Wyatt had a dream to create a small orchestra with musicians from all over Germany that would travel to Israel to perform for the survivors of the Holocaust. Making her dream a reality, Carol and six musicians arrived in Israel to share their gifts with multiple groups; their motto, “Reconciliation through music.” 

The orchestra consisted of six musicians – two violinists, a violist, a cellist, an oboist, and a flutist. For an hour, they performed classical music, such as Vivaldi and Mozart, and also a couple of Hebrew songs, like Jerusalem of Gold and Hatikva. The music was straight out of a costume drama movie, and each note was precise and mesmerizing. At the end of the orchestra’s performance, the survivors shared how thankful they were for having the opportunity to listen to such beautiful music. 

Before inviting everyone to eat the lunch that Don and Marta Patten and their group had prepared, Bozena Gasiorowski extended her deepest appreciation to the orchestra for their willingness to come to Israel and share their talents with the survivors. The survivors also presented Bozena with a bouquet of flowers to thank HHC for inviting them to the villa for the wonderful event. 

The villa was filled with joy as the survivors began speaking to the event’s participants. Connections were made, and hearts were touched by the love shown by everyone who made the event happen. 

HHC would like to extend its thanks to the volunteers and hosts for preparing the food and setting up the villa for the event. It was a pleasure having Paya’s group from Pardes Hana, and Manya’s group from Katzir attend this special event. And, also, to Carol Wyatt and her team, who’s music was captivating and enthralling!

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