November 14th Shalom House – The World Collides

At a time of uncertainty and unrest, countries need to support one another. On November 14th, three groups from around the world came to the Caesarea Villa to spend time with survivors of the Holocaust and bless the land of Israel. Radiant Israel sponsored and hosted the concert event. As Bozena Gasiorowski opened the event, she thanked the groups for coming to Israel amidst the attacks and also welcomed the twenty survivors from Survivors of Nazism, an organization based in Netanya.

Gracing the villa with another outstanding and emotional performance, Carol Wyatt and her team from Germany played for the survivors. As they played, you could see the effect the music was having on the people. Each piece of music sent you into another realm, making you feel as if you were floating in outer space, observing the wonder and beauty that is the Earth. Bozena spoke about how touched she felt at the end of their performance, and, when asked to share a few words, Mila Fleitman, the leader of Survivors of Nazism, could barely speak as tears of gratitude trailed down her cheeks.

Gilad Rosinger, the founder of Radiant Israel, told the audience how honored he was, as a descendant of survivors from Hungary, to work with the survivors. He also thanked the survivors for their part in paving the road so that he could come and build a family in the Holy Land.

Following Gilad’s speech, Silva Guerrero, leader of Radiant Israel’s tour group, thanked the musicians for their performance and asked her group to share a few words. Dr. Jorge Luis Borrayo Reyes from Guatemala shared about being a former Representative of Guatemala to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and about how his country voted in favor of the Jewish people’s rights to their homeland in 1947. Also from Guatemala, Dr.Burrayo spoke about his role in moving the Guatemalan Embassy to Jerusalem and expressed his appreciation for being a part of the Shalom House and being with the survivors.

The entire event was impactful, many hearts were touched and lives changed as the villa’s guests formed relationships with the survivors, and the survivors felt the love from those who had come from around the world to bless them. An extended thanks to all who helped make the event happen – HHC’s volunteers, Don and Marta Patten with their group, Radiant Israel and its tour, Carol Wyatt with her team, and Mila Fleitman and the Survivors of Nazism!



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