Mobility and Eye Clinic 2020: Week Five – from Kiryat Motzkin to Ashkelon

February 21st, 2020 – The clinic was in Kiryat Motzkin and helped 53 concentration camp and ghetto survivors to fit eyeglasses for best possible distance and close vision. From there to Sderot – the city that has suffered the most from the rockets that were launched from Gaza, yet the people of Sderot are pleasant.The team helped 88 people with eyeglasses and blood pressure monitors. Eighteen walkers were also provided for those in need. The leader, Polina, was very impressed and thankful that our team was organized and ready to assist her group.

In Ashkelon, 45 Survivors of the Holocaust received eyeglasses, some of them having severe vision impairments. One lady told how she survived a concentration camp and became a doctor. She received +11.0 glasses for distance vision and said she had not been able to see at a distance for a long time.

In Haifa, the team of volunteers had a pleasant time distributing eyeglasses to refugees of the Holocaust and the elderly, serving 78 people. One elderly lady had bifocals, but could not see properly with either correction. Her daughter, who brought her to the clinic, was amazed when the glasses provided by the team helped her clearly see in the distance, our reading glasses also made such a huge improvement to her close vision.

This week saw its conclusion in Netanya, where 68 people who were in evacuation during the Holocaust were helped to get the best glasses for reading, distance and to shield their eyes from the sun.

Be on the lookout for our Week Six update! We are not done yet!