Mobility and Eye Clinic 2020: Week Seven – Katsrin to Ashdod – over 2,000 served!

March 8th, 2020 – 101 people in Ashdod – another city with large Russian-speaking population – were assisted with eyeglasses. The team even made eyeglasses for a few people who had different vision in each eye. The survivors were delighted to be able to see clearly.

There were many inspiring stories shared this week. The team also helped their 2,000th person receive eyeglasses! Thousands have been given free eye glasses and other medical supplies in the last seven weeks of clinic, and more are being distributed daily!

In Ramat Gan 39 ghetto survivors received eye glasses. The team had a great time with this sweet group of people.

56 people were fitted with glasses in Katsrin in the Golan Heights. One man could barely see close-up and took a +13.0 reading glasses. Others had eyeglasses that had recently been broken, so everyone was happy for the timely visit from the eye clinic. Our team had time to look around at the beautiful nature of the Golan Heights.

In Nof haGalil, 56 people received help in four languages. One lady, 85, cried when she could not see well enough to read because of macular degeneration. The team gave her an audio book in Russian.

83 people in Carmiel were thankful and happy when the team visited the elderly center and fitted glasses for them.

In Ariel on Friday the team received only 14 elderly. There was no transportation in the town because of heightened fears of coronavirus spread and many preferred to stay indoors. But those who came were very appreciative to be able to see better both far and near.