Gift of Sportswear to Students in Israeli Boarding Schools

June 18th, 2020 – Due to the coronavirus restrictions and changes in school schedules, many students in boarding schools still find themselves continuing school year till further notice. Many high school students are still in their hostels. In high technological school Yaadim in Kfar Bialik (a Haifa suburb), the students were very happy to see the members of Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum, who came bearing gifts of brand-new, high quality Adidas shoes and other sports wear.

Members of the team said they were grateful to be able to help motivated youths and students who come from difficult backgrounds and underprivileged families.

In Jerusalem and Netanya, Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum together with 3-time European champion and 2nd place world champion Alex Averbuch (Pole Vault discipline) delivered high quality Adidas and German brand sportswear (clothing and shoes) to the athletic department of several boarding high schools. Many of the students made aliyah apart from their family and live and study in Israel alone, and many come from underprivileged families.

The sportswear, that was shipped to Israel by GAiN Germany, is a great blessing to dozens of such youths in 5 boarding high schools where distribution of the gift had taken place.