Our Sponsors’ Generosity

September 16th, 2020 – Thanks to the generosity of C4I Germany (Christians For Israel), hundreds of Beit Shemesh Ghetto survivors and WWII Refugees are receiving gift grocery cards for shopping for the Rosh Ha Shana – Jewish New Year. A huge thanks to Germany from the elderly people for the support and care during this challenging season. It means a lot to them to see that they are not forgotten.

Thanks to the generosity of other Helping Hand Coalition for Israel sponsors, dozens of disabled individuals and families in need nationwide have received gift grocery cards before the start of the High Holiday season. In such difficult times, Helping Hand Coalition is receiving so many messages and grateful responses to the donations. In the second picture gallery, individuals from Haifa, Ashdod and Petach Tikva are receiving the donation. More cities will be reached within the next few weeks.

A Ghetto survivor organization received grocery gift cards right at the start of the Jewish Holidays. Aron Molotkovski (in our featured image), head of the “Zikaron” (“Memory”) Foundation, extends his warm greetings and shalom to all the sponsors who contributed to the donation. Aron and his team love to bring those gift cards to their elderly who struggle with serious health issues, loneliness, financial distress, while visiting them in their homes. We are so grateful for the generosity of C4I Germany, Shofar Ministries, GAiN Germany and local Israeli donors who contributed to make hundreds of individuals smile in the midst of a challenging season.