Celebrating True Light

December 14th, 2020 – Volunteers of the organization “Nitzulim le’eman haatid” (Survivors for the Future), organized by Mila Fleitman, gathered to celebrate Hanukah in a small court yard in Netanya, together with their dear friends and supporters – Andre Gasiorowski, the President of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel, Rita Tager, Helping Hand Coalition project coordinator, Nirit Vainsberg, chairperson of Sweet Shabbat Initiative and Lesly Jimenes, branch coordinator of March of Life in Israel.

The gathering celebrated lighting Hanukkah candles in a warm and homey atmosphere, with a delicious meal, Hanukkah songs and dancing. “The real light comes from our hearts”, commented Mila, “this is what brings light and warmth to people’s lives, and this is what we are celebrating as we remember the ancient miracle that happened in the Temple.”