Sweet Hanukkah for Survivors

December 17th, 2020 – Over 1,300 sufganiyot (donuts) were purchased for Survivors of the Holocaust for the Hanukkah holiday. Most of the survivors who received them were from the cities of Jerusalem, Netanya, Haifa and Ashdod. In between the second and third Covid-19 lockdowns, the survivors were able to have small gatherings to celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, and fellowship together, which they have missed and longed for so dearly. Those who could not attend, received personal visits at their homes with a special Happy Holiday blessing.

A very special thank you to GLORY OF ZION ministries, whose donation “sweetly” blessed these elderly Holocaust survivors and brought them much joy. An additional thank you to Elena Zharovski for continuing to be a light to these elderly survivors in the Jerusalem area and for continuing to care for them dearly.

Lighting Hanukkah lights in Netanya:

Hanukkah celebrations with “Children of the Holocaust” in Ashdod. The Foundation with its 800 members of Survivors of the Holocaust is an associated partner with Helping Hand Coalition Global Forum.