Smiling In Spite of Hard Year

December 21st, 2020 – Since the beginning of the month, Helping Hand Coalition for Israel was able to distribute hundreds of grocery gift cards that came from the GAiN Sponsorship Program.

Close to a hundred Survivors of the Holocaust from the Netanya area and dozens from Or Akiva, have been blessed with the gift cards. The elderly said that words cannot describe how much they appreciate and value the financial help, especially at the end of such a challenging year for them.

Hundreds of Ghetto survivors and WWII Refugees from Southern Israel (Beer Sheva, Sderot, Ofakim and more) received the financial support just before the Hanukkah holiday.

Many of the Survivors have had a very hard year with the additional limitations imposed by quarantine and lock-downs and their inability to get on with their routines or to see their family members and friends. Many have been admitted to hospitals with serious ailments, while others recover at home.

In spite of such a hard year, one things that unites them all is: smiling at the sight of Helping Hand Coalition’s representatives, smiling when they see each other’s faces and smiling when they learn that their sponsors keep remembering them through their hardships. It’s such a joy to deliver this help to these precious people and to see them one more time.