Food Parcels for Holocaust survivors

Food parcels (around 2,000 NIS worth) were delivered to 60 Holocaust survivors in the city of Haifa this past week. Each parcel contains groceries for cooking and toilet paper. The food was purchased by an international sponor and provided noodles, cooking oil, tomato sauce, canned corn and pickles, and chocolate wafer cookies.

The items were packed by volunteers from Columbia and Europe, who love Israel and came to serve the needy in the Land.

The items were distributed to Holocaust survivor in the city of Haifa together with the “Haifa Association for Immigrants Absorption” and provided to survivors from the “Disaster Victims for the Future” who are part of the Global Forum of Helping Hand Coalition.

We thank the international sponsors who purchased these food parcels and as well as GAiN Germany for the toilet paper that was also given out to the Holocuast survivors.

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