Brand New Walkers for Survivors

February 8th, 2021 – Since the beginning of the month, hundreds of Survivors of the Holocaust received brand new walkers, thanks to the generosity of the German organization Back to Zion.

Survivors in Nof Ha-Galil were the first to receive the gift of mobility equipment and heartily thanked the German sponsors.

Over a hundred survivors gratefully received the walkers in Ashdod. The head of the survivor organization, Sofia Klementiev, also part of the Global Forum of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel, sends her love to the sponsors for caring in so many different ways for their needs, from face masks to quilts and medical equipment now.

In Rehovot, representatives of a WWII Veteran organization were happy to receive walkers for their widows and elderly in need of such support.

From Netanya, the head of “Disaster Victims for the Future” organization, Mila Fleitman, also part of the Global Forum of Helping Hand Coalition, sends her appreciation to Back to Zion sponsors for supporting so many survivors.

These brand-new, light weight and easy to manage walkers are a great help to many survivors who became weaker in the last year of coronavirus crisis and have a need for mobility support.