More Passover Blessings for the Elderly

March 24th, 2021 – Over 40 Survivors of the Holocaust from the poverty-stricken city of the Nof Ha-Galil (formerly Nazareth-Illit) received gift grocery cards for the Passover holiday shopping. The support will bless them and allow them to purchase food for the upcoming Passover Seder, and for whatever else they need at home. The elderly are well aware that the support distributed by the Helping Hand Coalition for Israel comes from the “Rehobot Congregation of Vancouver”, and felt so blessed for the special international care and attention right before the start of Passover. They extend their love, a huge thanks and happy Passover to all of Helping Hand Coalition for Israel sponsors.

A few days before them, thanks to C4I Germany and their continued support throughout the years, more WWII Refugees and Victims of the Holocaust in Ashdod are received grocery cards, which came very timely for the Passover Holiday preparations.