“Your Help Allows Us to Feel Your Love…”

March 31st, 2021 – In the heart of the Passover week and thanks to the GAiN Sponsorship Program, around 65 Ghetto Survivors, WWII Refugees, Victims of the Holocaust from the city of Sderot received financial aid in the form of gift grocery cards for holiday shopping. Needless to say how happy the elderly were to receive such a special gift in the heart of the Jewish Holiday. Much love, many greetings and thanks to GAiN Germany (and to all the sponsoring families that are behind the support) 🇩🇪 from our dear friends 🇮🇱 .

“…YOUR HELP TO US ALLOWS US TO FEEL YOUR LOVE, CARE & SUPPORT.”…… “WE WANT TO EXPRESS OUR THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART FOR YOUR LOVE TOWARDS US AND ISRAEL”. Those are some of the touching words from WWII Refugees and Victims of the Holocaust from the Southern city of Sderot, who wrote a thank you letter expressing in their own words their gratitude and appreciation to Helping Hand Coalition for Israel and their sponsors for their ongoing support, and even took care of translating the letter to English. The handwritten letter was given in the midst of the GAiN sponsorship funds distribution.

More Victims of the Holocaust from Southern Israel, in the city of Ofakim, also received Holiday gift cards in the heart of the Passover. All these donations and blessed distribution of financial aid are made possible, thanks to the generosity of hundreds of German families donating through the GAIN Sponsorship Program and through the Helping Hand Coalition for Israel who deliver the support to the elderly nationwide.