Help for Hard-Hit Communities

July 15th, 2021 – New immigrants from Ethiopia and local Netanya community of Ethiopians and Africans received financial support. Many of the recipients asked to convey huge thanks to GAiN Germany for the timely help. Many of the individuals supported lost their jobs during the Corona season, or their finances were negatively affected during that crisis. So blessed to witness partners such as GAiN Germany who constantly look for ways to help those in need in Israel through Helping Hand Coalition for Israel.

In Nof Ha-Galil as well, dozens of individuals and families who have been affected financially by the corona crisis received financial aid in the form of gift grocery cards shopping. The elderly and victims of the Holocaust were included as well in the distributions, since they too are affected by the difficult times that Israel and the world have been facing this past year. During the lockdowns, their transport expenses to doctors skyrocketed since they had to resort to taxi rides. Several of the younger-aged elderly who were working part-time jobs to cover their monthly expenses, lost them during Corona. Others had to do several home quarantines or contracted the virus, and had to resort to home grocery deliveries on a regular basis, which raised their monthly expenses, thus making a big difference in their tiny budgets, living on small pensions.