American Christians from “Worthy News” serve the Holocaust survivors in Shalom House

Due to our close and fruitful cooperation with Alexander Dietze, chairman of “Back to Zion” organization from Germany, on the 27th of April 2023 an outstanding and emotional Shalom House took place with a group of 30 Holocaust survivors from the “Children of the war” organization in Netanya led by Mila Fleitman and a group of 40 Christians from Oklahoma, USA guided by a couple of Israeli locals Baht Rivka and George Whitten representing the organization “Worthy news”. 

An atmosphere of love and acceptance was rising up in the air of HHC’s villa in Caesarea while Andre Gasiorowski was sharing the main role of the ministry: to bring healing and restoration to the hearts of the chosen children of God. And this small spring opened up as a wide river pouring out with love from the hearts of Christians to the hearts of precious Holocaust survivors making them cry and being touched to the depth of their hearts. 

Some of them were expecting an official meeting but ended up meeting the peace, joy, faith, and love of God. So the Holocaust survivors left to go home refreshed and joyful holding enormous presents. The American guests left overwhelmed with the stories of the elderly and seeing God move powerfully in their hearts.

Click here to see the photos from the event.