Shalom House

Caesarea Villa | Shalom House with Nail Irina Israel

Entering into a  New Year of Activities – Shalom House on September 7th 

The Helping Hand Coalition put great care into organizing a heartwarming Shalom House event in the picturesque Caesarea Villa to warmly welcome 40 cherished Holocaust survivors from Hedera – members of Helping Hand Global Forum, under the leadership of Sima Fiedisova. The presence of these resilient individuals graced this gathering, and God’s Grace representatives Hava and Jeremy McClintock honored us with their company.  

Despite the lingering heat of the season, the calendar unequivocally heralded the impending arrival of the fall celebration season in Israel. On this auspicious occasion, Irina Israel, a gifted performer, was honored with an invitation to serenade the survivors with her melodious voice and captivating dance. Her repertoire included a medley of classic Jewish tunes, evocative Russian melodies, and an array of songs from various ethnic backgrounds inspired by her own roots in Tashkent.

As Irina’s enchanting melodies filled the air, it was as if a portal to the past had opened, evoking cherished memories from the survivors’ youth. One lady survivor,  her eyes glistening with tears of joy, remarked, “I haven’t heard these songs in decades. It’s like I’m young again, dancing with my friends.”

A sense of reflection and nostalgia permeated the atmosphere as Irena, with heartfelt sincerity, sang songs of gratitude to the Almighty. One Holocaust survivor, with a warm smile, shared, “This moment reminds me that life is precious. We are grateful for every day.”

This was a time for the survivors to listen and partake in joyous dancing, an expression of joy and camaraderie. A few ladies stood up and began dancing, while others who couldn’t dance moved their upper bodies to the rhythm. 

Following this immersive experience of great music that nourished the soul, it was time to satiate the body with a delectable lunch meticulously prepared by the talented Orly. As the survivors savored their hot meals, they gradually cooled down from the energetic performance, and their spirits lifted.

Post-lunch, delectable desserts were served amidst the lush tropical greenery of the garden, creating a splendid ambiance for fellowship. Amidst the beauty of their surroundings, attendees shared their enthusiasm and appreciation for Irena’s magnificent performance. Miriam’s eyes shining brightly, she shared, “Irena’s songs brought back my youth, and for that, I’m so thankful.”

Joy and happiness permeated the air, marking the promising start of a new season of activities. As the joyous occasion gradually drew to a close, an influential group picture was captured to immortalize the event’s warmth and camaraderie. With content hearts and cherished memories, everyone boarded the bus, which would safely escort them back to their homes.