64th meeting of natives of the Republic of Belarus residing in Israel.

On April 25, Ben Shemesh Forest, the regular, 64th meeting of natives of the Republic of Belarus residing in Israel.

The event, which for many years known as the “Belarusian forest”, this year dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders. It was attended by more than a thousand natives of our country.
Opening the meeting, chairman of the All-Israeli association of natives of Belarus Mikhail Olshansky, he stressed that the peoples of the two countries are closely linked to the historical memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War and now cherish the memory of it.
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the State of Israel, Vladimir Skvortsov, in turn, noted that the Belarusian land is a solid foundation that unites our peoples. At the time, it gave Israel a number of prominent figures of the Jewish state, including – presidents and prime ministers, scientists and creative figures, Nobel Prize winners.
The Ambassador informed the countrymen about the events that will take place this year in Belarus and Israel marked the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus.
Vladimir Skvortsov also recalled other significant events that will occur in the near future in both countries. Among them – the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv in May and II of the European game in Minsk at the end of June. The ambassador expressed hope that the Belarusian and Israeli athletes to be together on the podium as it had once happened in previous games in Baku.
The head of the diplomatic mission, invited those present to visit our country during the Games, combining the visit with the rest in picturesque places that are rich in the Belarusian territory. In parallel, he noted that the passing year in our country small country – is also a significant occasion to visit the hometown or village, where he spent his childhood and youth, to meet with former classmates, colleagues, family.
In conclusion, the Ambassador described the presence of a cohesive union of Belarus as an important factor in bilateral relations, which, together with the efforts of government agencies and will continue to facilitate the entry of our countries at the highest borders of mutually beneficial cooperation.
Ensemble “Inspiration”, which operates at the Belarusian friendly association of Petah Tikva were handed cymbals, which were sent to Israel after the treatment of the Embassy of the Republican center of national cultures, as well as the coat of arms and flag of the Republic of Belarus, musical collections with works by Belarusian authors.
Eugene Owl elected MK 21 th convocation, addressing the audience, said the absence of the complex problematic issues on the bilateral agenda, stressing that there are MPs in the new composition of the Israeli legislature, who are aware of the importance of continued constructive Belarusian-Israeli dialogue and intend to make their for his contribution to the deepening.
Many warm words about our country sounded in the speeches of Ely Nacht, Vice-Mayor of Ashdod – pabratyma the Belarusian Brest, Andrzej Gasiorowski, Chairman of the “Helping Hand Coalition” and others.
In a specially equipped “embassy corner”, decorated with national symbols, there were the kind of conversation the head and staff of the diplomatic mission with fellow countrymen. Many of them pointed out that despite the long time that has elapsed since their move to Israel, they kept still warm attitude towards Belarus – their ethnic homeland. Actively discussed pressing topics of interaction were established consultations on consular issues.
The meeting was accompanied by performances of music and dance groups who performed works by Belarusian and Jewish authors. local business representatives organized the sale of food products produced in our country.

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