More Help for Families in Need

July 20th, 2020 – More new immigrants and families in need from the Nof Ha-Galil, Rishon leZion and Lod/Ramla areas received great brand new sportswear shoes and clothing, thanks to GAiN Germany, who shipped the amazing products, thus blessing thousands of people in need nationwide during the summer of 2020.

Ashdod family (in our feature image) received a NIS 5,000 donation from Helping Hand Coalition for Israel sponsors to take care of structural damages in their home that created serious health hazard for the children. Their daughters couldn’t sleep in their tiny bedroom for more than half a year due to the mold infestation in the room walls, and had to share a small living room couch. On top of it, Marek, the husband, who is disabled and ill with Crone disease, was blessed with many packs of incontinence pads he needs due to his health condition, which ends up costing him much money each month. The briefs were shipped by GAiN Germany. The family was so happy and grateful for the tremendous help they received.