Jewish Voice Ministries Send Passover Gifts

March 22nd, 2021 – It has begun… Right before the Passover Holiday! Thanks to Jewish Voice Ministries, financial help in the form of gift grocery cards for holiday shopping is being and will be delivered to dozens more of individuals and families in need nationwide, the disabled and people struggling with sicknesses; new immigrants and individuals who have been affected negatively by the Corona crisis, either lost their job or revenue, or even contracted the virus. Many of the disabled people helped are not fit to work, and have 75% -100% disability, but are not restricted in movement, and lots of them live in deplorable conditions. They do not receive the same benefits as those retirees who receive supplemented allowance. In other words, they do not have discounts for the purchase of medicines, discounts on electricity bills, and property taxes (renters in Israel pay those taxes on a monthly basis), discounts for traveling in public transport and rent assistance similar to pensioners, they are not entitled to “heating / cooling” grants, etc. They are not entitled most benefits despite their difficult situation. They are the “invisible disabled”.

Moreover, in most cases they are not eligible for public housing despite the harsh conditions in which they live daily. They averagely receive NIS 3211 or less per month. Rent alone without utilities will use up most of that government allowance. This makes this group one of the poorest and most vulnerable in the State of Israel, having health issues and financial trouble both at the same time. A huge thanks to Jewish Voice Ministries International for stepping in and helping so many individuals in the heart of the Jewish Passover.