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New Parliamentary Lobby in Knesset to help and support the underprivileged

Текст на русском языке => Новое парламентское лобби для помощи и поддержки обездоленных ___________________________________________________________________________________ New Parliamentary Lobby in the Knesset to help and support the underprivileged in Israel. December 3rd, 2020 – […]

10th International Crystal Music Festival 2019

It was a night of all nights! The International Convention Center in Haifa was filled with more than 2,000 guests coming from all over the world, 1,000 Holocaust survivors and World War II veterans brought in busloads by Helping Hand Coalition, also broadcasting to 180 countries worldwide – reaching over 500 million viewers.

O nas

Helping Hand Coalition (Koalicja Pomocna Dłoń ) Nasza misja: “Pocieszcie, pocieszcie mój lud, mówi twój BÓG … ” (Izajasz 40: 1) Kim jesteśmy Koalicja Pomocna Dłoń (Helping Hand Coalition) jest networkiem powiązanych […]