Local Newspaper Article Describes Impact of Sports Goods Distribution

March 24th, 2022 – Helping Hand Coalition for Israel has been distributing sports wear and other goods that are provided and shipped by its partners for several years. The impact of these donations has been highlighted by HaPoel soccer team management in a local Nof ha-Galil (formerly Nazareth Illit)newspaper and translated into English:מיזם-מיוחד-בנוף-הגליל-ציוד-ספורט-למשפח/

“Thanks to the Helping Hand Coalition, dozens of young players in the youth department of Hapoel Nof Ha-Galil enjoy high quality sports equipment donated by GAiN Germany. Quality sports equipment from the Adidas company that is worth tens of thousands of shekels has been distributed in recent days to dozens of children from difficult families in the youth department of Hapoel Nof Hagalil, as well as to immigrant children in the city, as part of a special project between HHC and Hapoel Nof -Hagalil.

HHC has been operating for many years with many projects, one of them being Shalom Houses – a villa in Caesarea, intended for the entertainment, well-being and stay of Holocaust survivors. The impressive villa serves as a meeting place for dozens of classes, lectures, workshops, classes and study sessions, art, music and cultural performances throughout the year for the tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors living throughout Israel.

It is the same foundation who recently organized a donation worth tens of thousands of shekels sent by GAIN Germany (Global Aid Network), which sent high-quality Adidas sports equipment to Israel, including shoes, jackets, tracksuits, windbreakers and more.

The organization was founded by Philanthropist and Businessman Dr. Andre Gasiorowsky, who is responsible for the day-to-day management together with his son, Luke Gasiorowsky, along with professional and dedicated staff working on a variety of projects for the community and the needy. The person who actually led the operation is Sebastian Petrone, Humanitarian Aid Director, who several years ago organized a similar donation to Hapoel Nof Hagalil.

“Adidas shoes are a great luxury for me,” – M., a young 15-year-old player in the youth department, did not hide his excitement when he received the donation. “These are things I could not afford in life, because my parents just do not have the money, the situation is difficult and I understand it.

L., also a player in the department, admitted his excitement over and over again. “My parents are divorced, I live with my mother who works shifts to support me and my two sisters. Sometimes the money is not even enough for food, so Adidas shoes are a great luxury for me. Thank you so much to everyone who was behind this operation.”

Sebastian Petrone, Humanitarian Aid Director: “HHC/ Yad La’Ezra Israel” was founded 15 years ago, many of our activities are with the Holocaust survivors, but we also provide humanitarian and financial help to new immigrants, we work with youth in boarding schools, help the welfare and absorption ministries, people in difficult socioeconomic situations, single mothers etc… . We work in the Galilean landscape too because there is a great need in the Northern cities, it’s really exciting to see people move forward in life as far as possible, whether through sports, culture or other means, and to be able to donate to them while in the process, to encourage them to keep moving in the right direction.”

“We receive donations from all over the world, behind us are many people who love Israel, including Christians who donate medical equipment, sportswear and more.”

Hapoel Nof Hagalil CEO Gil Baram said: “I am happy for the opportunity given to us as a club to help underprivileged families. The Hapoel Hagalil football club engraved on its banner the issue of helping these families and also the new immigrants.”

A huge thanks to GAiN Germany for shipping such high-quality goods and to our local partners Joseph Project for handling all the logistics of bringing the precious donation into Israel. Amazing team work!