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Tysol: Jarosław Papis o sukcesie spektaklu o Sendlerowej w Izraelu:Pięć dni pod rząd przy komplecie publiczności

– Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nes Cijona. We played five days in a row with the audience. The performance “Irena Sendler-Justice” won the hearts of the Israeli audience. There were tears, there were a lot of conversations, there was a very good and warm welcome – writes Jarosław Papis, a Polish Jew, head of the Hatikva Foundation, producer of the show shown in Poland and Israel.

Scooper: Poland-Israeli Relations

“Israel and Poland are interested in and must overcome the misunderstandings to reach agreements and upgrade their diplomatic relations. This is not the time for quarrels and disputes between the countries,” says Dr.Andre Gasiorowski, chairman of the World Forum for Helping Israel, for a round table workshop on the topic. Improving relations between Poland and Israel on Monday, July 1 at the Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue at Netanya Academic College.