From the words of Holit Kibbutz leaders | Victims of Terror

“Kibbutz Holit has been destroyed! With your help, we will rebuild it.

On Saturday, 7.10.2023, the state of Israel was attacked by terrorists. Kibbutz Holit, our beloved and beautiful home, was gutted by a ruthless terrorist attack. But we are here to rebuild it and make our home stronger and more beautiful than before.

Besides the heroism and courage that our community showed in the defense of our home, 15 members of our community lost their lives, and 6 have gone missing. These good people, whose absence will void our hearts, have left children, spouses, and friends behind. We will do everything to help rise above this ruin and return to live better and happier lives. Bombs, fire, and more destroyed our houses and vehicles. But we want to return to rebuild our home. Our farms and factories were severely damaged, and we cannot be there to maintain them. But also this, like everything that has been ruined, we will rebuild anew. We have been laid low but will rise again. With your help, we can.

Your contributions will help us and make you our partners in aiding our orphans and our wounded in body and in mind. You can be our partners in rebuilding our homes and economy and partners in the wonderful rebirth that will come after the great tragedy.”

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